24 SPRING SUMMER Is Here: Closer Look and Inspiration

24 SPRING SUMMER Is Here: Closer Look and Inspiration

A reverent return to the brand’s timeless origins, ANNISA BELLUCCI envisioned Spring Summer 2024 ‘Lemon Garden’ as a dreamy like modest summer dressing. This time i’d like to breaktrough what has been inspired me behind this collection.

Lately there is a growing trend in this society called “romantisizing life”. The concept is “romantisizing your life” to celebrate yourself and make even the most ordinary day feel extraordinary. Certainly that influence me into a vision. I took the Italian summer as reference. What i imagine is a calm, romantic daytime in Tuscany countryside. An old house with a garden citrus plant, that is exactly what i pitcured in my moodboard. 

There are maxi skirts, outerwear and some effortless cotton. This time we also highlighting exclusive floral prints using chiffon, which lent a lightness and feminine structure silhouette. As you can see, a fascinating summer palette shown in dresses with elegant detailing. My personal favorite is Pia Eyelet Maxi Dress, a very romantic silhouette of an eyelet dress featuring puffed sleeves, extended ribbon ties which you can style it wrapped along the waist to create elegant dimensions.

It took months to develop the final look. What followed is a collection that embodies the modern modest fashion, drawing upon archival ANNISA BELLUCCI designs through the lens of deconstruction and reconstruction to reimagine them for a new day.

Revelling in the joy of romantisizing life and the moment of arrival, escape with ANNISA BELLUCCI 24 Spring Summer ‘Lemon Garden’.

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