Thank You Melbourne!

Thank You Melbourne!

Alhamdulillah – After years creating, ANNISA BELLUCCI made it first international debut at Indonesian Modest Fashion Week Melbourne (IMFWM) 2023 in Melbourne, Australia.

1 March 2023

It is my first time setting foot in Australia. Melbourne was sunny yet a little cold. I think Melbourne has the perfect balance like there’s some areas which are very crowded and other areas are calm or less crowder. No wonder i heard Melborne has been voted “World’s Most Liveable City” almost every year since 2011. So i went to my apartment where i staying and unpacked my luggage right after. It is located in CBD or the city centre where it is most strategic area like you don’t have to worry about your surrounding, everything’s there. Also what I like is our apartment close to go anywhere either just walk or use tram or other public transportation. 

Well that’s a short guide to Melbourne. I have scheduled for fitting and rehearsal one day before the show. Once i arrived on set there are models, designers, and all the crew. Meeting these people make me excited like there’s a little scream inside my head “this is it” it’s finally happening.

I worked together with a stylist for the fitting and tomorrow at backstage. Her name is Isabella, she’s a very sweet girl and i learned lots from her. She knows how to make my designs more appealing without missing the value and I loved it. About 30 minutes later the fitting is done following with a short brief for tomorrow’s event.

4 March 2023 – D-Day.

Finally the awaited moment, the big day is here. The grand building of an old customs house Immigration Museum turn into pretentious fashion runway. The gate open at 6pm starting with a gala dinner with designers and VVIP guests. I had a bit conversation with the guests. It is really nice to see each happy faces coming for the show before a few moment later model and designers get ready to backstage, the lighting crew having their moment and the show director making sure everything going smooth. 

Models coming out one by one wearing loose dresses, flowy skirts, and sophisticated blouses, walking gracefully on the runway. ANNISA BELLUCCI has the chance to showcase total 8 looks featured beautiful details such as lace, embroidery, and delicate beading, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating the garment.

I’m so grateful to be here alongside several other designers from Indonesia. As the nighttime approaches and the show’s come to an end there’s kind of relief after all these years Alhamdulillah It’s been an honor to represents the future of modest fashion as a young designer, especially my goal is to connect muslims woman here in Australia and around the world through modesty. I never knew it sooner that Melbourne becoming a part of our history. The people, the street, and the iconic places enough to give us huge inspiration in the future. We would like to say thanks to IMFWM committee, production, and backstage crew for the support. What a pleasant experience. Also here we are some behind the scenes moments from the show, enjoy.

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